No Time To Troll…


Backpack Like You Mean It

Well folks, I just don’t have time to troll for inspiration today.  I’m on a mission.  In the next three days I will be finishing my book.  Done.  No more editing.  Send it to the printer, have a couple of celebratory drinks, done.  I have a meeting with the printer on Monday morning, at which time I will hand over my final manuscript.  A very talented artist named Sarah-Lee Terrat did the illustrations for my cover and text.  I thought I would share the cover today…

I am hoping to have Backpack Like You Mean It in Kindle and Nook format by the middle of April, and a soft cover version of the book by May first.  I will, of course, keep you all posted.

Enjoy the weekend!



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  1. Awesome! Thank you for your very quick response. My friend is going to take a year or so long trip to South East Asia. I was looking for something to help her out and I stumbled upon your book which has received many positive reviews! I will order it momentarily but are there any other books or anything else that you might recommend I buy for her in preparation?

    • You know, Nathan and I did use the Lonely Planet books for their maps. If you can find a detailed map of some of the countries..that would probably help your friend a lot. Good maps are hard to come by when you’re actually in South East Asia. Another thing that came in really handy for us was waterproof bags. I had one for all of my documents (passport, journals, maps). Hope this helps. Also, feel free to pass my info to your friend. I wrote most things down, like hotels we stayed at, trips we took. I’m more than happy to answer questions or make suggestions 🙂


      • Thank you so much. You have been a great help and I will inform her of your helpfulness. So excited for her to read your book 🙂

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