When Nothing Strikes Me As Funny…


Yesterday was a day completely lacking funny.  Sometimes that happens.  When it does, I start a project.

You might think that project ideas conceived during humorless days would be depressing works of un-inspiration…but not so!

Herb GardenHerb GardenHerb Garden











Yard sales and thrift stores are great places to find hideous mugs and vases, rightfully discarded by their owners.  These can be repurposed into a precariously balanced (and super glued) stack of containers for planting herbs for the kitechen-garden.  If I could offer one piece of advice…don’t start gluing until you have a plan.  Also..don’t let super glue touch dirt and then your face…super glued dirt is very hard to wash off.  (as evidenced by my permanently muddy eyebrow, left nostril, and chin.




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