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Oxford Rhyming Dictionary vs. Busta Rhymes


Ever heard a guy complaining about his lady friend?  She wants him to do the laundry, make dinner, change the oil in her car, grocery shop.  She’s a real drag.  It’s true that some men shoulder more than their fair share…or is it?

Imagine if men had to build a house with their bare hands (no tools!) in order to attract a lady friend.  Not only that, but when the wood got a little weathered, they had to tear their house down because no woman in her right mind would date a guy with an old house.  That’s the life of a male Weaver bird.  Homosapien men have it easy.  There are women willing to date you even if you have poor coordination, poor vision, poor genetics, and atrocious taste in home decorating.  Not so with the lady Weavers.  They choose a mate based on his ability to weave thousands of grass blades into an intricate domicile, fit for child rearing. says that, “weaverbird is the name for a family of Old World seed-eating birds closely resembling finches. ” goes on to include a link to the Oxford Dictionary of Rhymes, which pointed out that ‘weaver’ rhymes with ‘cadaver, halva, balaclava, carver, Costa Brava, endeavour, never never, whosoever, semiquaver, achiever, reliever, and beaver.’  Which leads me to a non-sequator that I feel deserves one moment of our time.  Who writes the entries for the Oxford Dictionary of Rhymes?  I could do it better.  I will be the first one to tell you that I appreciate a good ‘almost rhyme’ when used for lyrical flavor.  Busta Rhymes says it best,

“You really need to check your criteria
Violating the world, annihilate your whole area.”

But come on Oxford.  You’re telling me that weaver rhymes with semiquaver?  If Busta Rhymes ain’t done it, it cain’t be done.

Back on topic.  I found a pretty sweet video on weaver birds:  Click this to watch the sweet video on weaver birds.

I almost fell out of my chair laughing while watching the above video.  Don’t watch it expecting a laugh…I have a weird sense of humor.  I’m not sure I can explain why I found it so amusing that some weaver birds are terrible at making nests – and so never get a lady, but I’ll try.  I was cackling like count Dracula when I saw one of the younger male birds fall over backwards because he accidentally tied his security knot around his own foot.  I was delighted.  This is a species that will not accept anything but excellence.  Lame weavers, lazy weavers…they’re selected out.  No one will give them the time of day.  You might be thinking that I’m cold hearted, but hear me out.  We all know one schmuck who sits on the couch all day playing video games and mooching off of his girlfriend or guy friends right?  And that’s fine for him I guess.  But, somehow this guy convinces someone that he’s worth starting a family with.

I just can’t get behind this.  Some might ask, “Where is the line?”   Selecting out unfavorable traits gets touchy because people jump to genetic cleansing..but  I’m talking about something different.  What delights me about the Weaver bird is that mating is based on respect and ability.  Lady weavers have high standards and they stick to them.  They don’t settle for crappy workmanship.  If the males don’t impress them, they don’t hang around.  Lady weavers are like auditors.  Really serious, professional auditors.  They show up when called (the males flap their wings to attract an inspection), and then take a close look at the nest.  Some weavers spend a few moments tearing apart shoddy work, but others just fly away, leaving the male determined to improve his techniques.


I’m not saying we as women should boycott all men who leave the toilet seat up, but we sure as hell should be boycotting abusers, liars, cheats, and a lot of the other selfish, self serving traits that some men have.  And men…you should boycott women who are overall poor human beings too!  Stop settling!  Our lives are too short to waste on people who don’t value their own lives and the lives of the people around them.

All of this said…if I were a lady weaver, I would probably watch to see which of the males was trying really hard…and even if his nest wasn’t perfect, I’d give him a break.  No one is perfect.


Conspiracy Theory Exchange


Conspiracy Theory Friday will happen on Saturday again this week.

Yours truly has started a new job, and is so far unable to manage her time to include a blog post at 6 in the morning.  Eventually, this bug will be worked out.  For now, 6 am is reserved for coffee and reminiscing about the days when I didn’t have an 8-5.

Nathan works 4 days a week, so this morning he got up to try to do all of the things I used to do for him when I was staying home while he worked.  He’s sort of a zombie in the morning though, so things didn’t go quite as smoothly as they could have.  He won’t remember it though;  he doesn’t usually remember things that happen before 10 in the morning.

Hopefully he remembers to drive to the printer to pick up my books!



The End is in Sight!

The End is in Sight!

I’ve been thinking long and hard about how to ‘release’ my book.  I’m too classy to throw a party in my own honor (though I was tempted), and I’m too cheap to go out on the town, but I figure there should be some flare when it comes to putting my book on the market.  So, I’ve decided to put it on sale at midnight on Saturday May 19.  Pacific Time.  If the movie ‘Hunger Games’ can make teenagers wait in line for five hours on a Saturday night for a midnight opening, there must be something to it.  Maybe I should buy a bow and some arrows to entice/threaten people to buy…  Arrows cost money though, so maybe not.

Just because the book will go on sale at midnight, that doesn’t mean I’m giving anyone permission to contact me at that hour.  If one of you calls me at midnight, I solemnly swear that you will regret it.  How do you think I wrote a book in the first place?  I got my 8 hours of sleep a night.  That’s how.

On Saturday, I will post a link to the book on the Amazon site (Kindle) and the Barnes & Noble site (Nook), and make the hard copy paypal option available on my website.

Thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement.

As a side note:  Nathan has captured and killed two moles.  I can completely see why this is illegal.  They have the softest fur imaginable.  No, I didn’t skin one..but I thought about it.  It would take about nine hundred of them to make a sweater.

Why Do Men Have Nipples?


Because they grow them!

More specifically, because nipples appear to be a sexually unlinked gene. Nipples develop around week 3-4 in the womb while sex hormones begin to assert themselves several weeks later.  While doing my customary three minute internet search for the answer to this query, I stumbled upon something called Galactorrhea.  It may sound like a zero gravity digestive malefaction, but trust me, it’s even better.  (I don’t know if ‘better’ is the right word…maybe more interesting)  especially when it occurs in infants.

Picture yourself in the 1700’s.  I don’t really care what you’re doing there.  Maybe you’re a blacksmith or a housewife wearing one of those cute bonnets.  Then imagine how terrified you are of witches. (trust me..this is going somewhere).  You’re really terrified of witches.  They stir pots full of blood and frogs and hair.  They cackle and have gross warts on their faces.  They’re mean and like to abduct children.

Ok.  The scene is set for me to introduce Galactorrhea.  Some children, both male and female, (approximately 5%) are born with enough of their mother’s hormones in their bodies to have fully functioning milk glands and ducts.  Milk seeps from their nipples at the moment of birth (and can for several months after)  It is not so fondly referred to, as witch’s milk.  Believed to be the sustenance craved by the familiars of witches.  As a 1700’s citizen, you’re probably pretty nervous that your son’s nipple seepage is in high demand by creepy ladies with imaginary friends.   Right?

Just keep in mind, it’s totally normal.  It’s also medically inadvisable to ‘manually express’ the milk. Don’t laugh.  In some cultures it is still thought that if parents don’t manually express (aka ‘milk their babies’) daily, that witches will find their children and suckle them, leaving a curse.  Interesting article summary : Here.

If you’re disappointed with the lack of real information regarding male nipples contained within this blog post, I recommend visiting this Scientific America article.