The End is in Sight!

The End is in Sight!

I’ve been thinking long and hard about how to ‘release’ my book.  I’m too classy to throw a party in my own honor (though I was tempted), and I’m too cheap to go out on the town, but I figure there should be some flare when it comes to putting my book on the market.  So, I’ve decided to put it on sale at midnight on Saturday May 19.  Pacific Time.  If the movie ‘Hunger Games’ can make teenagers wait in line for five hours on a Saturday night for a midnight opening, there must be something to it.  Maybe I should buy a bow and some arrows to entice/threaten people to buy…  Arrows cost money though, so maybe not.

Just because the book will go on sale at midnight, that doesn’t mean I’m giving anyone permission to contact me at that hour.  If one of you calls me at midnight, I solemnly swear that you will regret it.  How do you think I wrote a book in the first place?  I got my 8 hours of sleep a night.  That’s how.

On Saturday, I will post a link to the book on the Amazon site (Kindle) and the Barnes & Noble site (Nook), and make the hard copy paypal option available on my website.

Thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement.

As a side note:  Nathan has captured and killed two moles.  I can completely see why this is illegal.  They have the softest fur imaginable.  No, I didn’t skin one..but I thought about it.  It would take about nine hundred of them to make a sweater.


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  1. Hi Jenny: Congratulations on the impending “release” of your book -we’ll be waiting with baited breath (but won’t be up at midnight to place an order either)!!
    Congratulations also to Nathan, the great white hunter and mole-lester!
    And finally, another conspiracy theory for you to enlighten us on -chemtrails.
    Have a Great Book-Launch Weekend.

  2. Hi Jenny,
    My husband and I (married 2 whole months now!) are avid travelers ourselves-due in large part to our year studying abroad in Rome. Thus far we’ve made it through just over 20 countries, but mostly in Europe, with brief stops in Africa and Latin America. We have been talking about taking a backpacking trip through Asia in a year or two, and I stumbled upon your book while Christmas present shopping. I was just wondering if you sell print copies of the book? I’ve only been able to find Kindle and Nook copies, and my husband actually refuses to own either of those devices–he loves real books, and for now, he intends never to change! Anyhow-I’d love to hear back from you either way–thanks for writing about your adventures!

    • Hi Aimee,
      Congratulations on your marriage! I completely understand getting the travel bug via study abroad experiences. I spent some time in Italy and Greece during a year abroad and was hooked.
      You most certainly can find my book outside of the electronic world 🙂 If you go to my website, and hit the word ‘Books’ at the top of the homepage, it will take you to an order page where you can order using Paypal. Be sure to select the button for the US (if that is where you are located). Paypal makes it easy for me to get the book in the mail within 24 hours.
      I hope you do buy the book-but if you decide not to, I would be happy to tell you all about our travels-some things that you MUST DO (including an amazing Zip-lining adventure in northern Laos) while you’re in South East Asia.
      I wish you and your husband happy travels-and a Merry Christmas!

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