I am the Owner of Mad Dash Publishing, a small publisher located in Olympia, Washington.  Don’t be too impressed.  It takes about twenty minutes of real work to start a business in Washington State.  And-I haven’t made any money yet.

I’m about cities with streets that are wide enough for two cars, Vietnamese coffee, respect, calendars that remind me when it’s garbage day, aliens, rule following, baby goats, writing things down, telling funny stories, the smell of bleach in bathrooms, mowing my own lawn, family, rubber boots, doing the dishes, solving mysteries, reading, and a bunch of other things too.

I don’t like vandals. If you’re a vandal, and you tell me about it, I’ll report you to the police.



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      • After I thought about my comment, and how we don’t know each other at all; and how it could appear to be every bit as strange as your strange story about your strange stalking friend, I thought I’d better get back here and do any potential damage control my comment might have caused. I see that I probably had nothing to worry about … So as long as I’m here, let me just confirm unequivocally, that I will be stalking you … but only on your blog. By the way, not sure if you know my relationship to Kristin …. she is my nephew’s wife. Blessings.

  1. I’ve always wanted a non-threatening stalker. This should work out just fine. Thanks for clarifying though, I was starting to look out my windows every forty five seconds. I didn’t know how you knew Kristin..but with your sense of humor..I should have guessed you were a relation of Js.

  2. I opened up Ma’s silk scarf today and asked a question. The response I got back was The Devil, The Moon, The Aeon. If this strikes a chord email me, its been awhile. I plan on reading your book like I mean it. Congrats.

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