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For Jack


Yours are the only feet I’ve ever kissed. Soft is an incompetent word, smooth a weak synonym, for the delicate pink of your soles. Like tender petals, untouched, pristine, your toes press their cool pads to my cheeks, curling to grab the warmth that radiates. I have been trying hard to name this smell. It is sweet, like the juice of a peach dried on salty skin—or maybe strawberries ripening in a paper bag. It is sour too, like the intimate sweat shared by two sleeping bodies. It is familiar and also new.

It won’t be long now.  You’ll have dirt beneath these toenails.  Your smell will turn foreign, become boyish and rebel. Your skin will wrinkle and harden.  Blisters will bubble in new shoes, calluses will protect you from hot pavement. These feet will walk and run. I will warn you of sharp rocks, misplaced nails, and broken glass and you will ignore me for the feel of cool dirt between your toes, just like I ignored my mother.

I hope these feet will explore jungles and deserts and cities. I hope they will run in races and climb mountains. I hope they will carry you wherever you wish to go, but for now I am going to kiss them.


Conspiracy Theory Exchange


Conspiracy Theory Friday will happen on Saturday again this week.

Yours truly has started a new job, and is so far unable to manage her time to include a blog post at 6 in the morning.  Eventually, this bug will be worked out.  For now, 6 am is reserved for coffee and reminiscing about the days when I didn’t have an 8-5.

Nathan works 4 days a week, so this morning he got up to try to do all of the things I used to do for him when I was staying home while he worked.  He’s sort of a zombie in the morning though, so things didn’t go quite as smoothly as they could have.  He won’t remember it though;  he doesn’t usually remember things that happen before 10 in the morning.

Hopefully he remembers to drive to the printer to pick up my books!